a tale as old as time ::: 2.17.2018

People always say it's a tale as old as time but this time it's different. Unexpectedly someone comes into your life and falling for this person is the only thing that feels right. A whirlwind of emotions that seems as if it's a fairytale. One where a rose decides your fate and what you see in the mirror is nothing short of beautiful. With the romanticism of the red rose and the elegance of the french flower cart we've highlighted the embrace of love--while it's forbidden and after it's set free.


Photographer: Elizabeth Salazar Photography    |    Florist: Samantha's Garden    |    Coordinator: Cara Nicole Event
Hair: Kyndal Wood, Urban Bleu    |    Custom Furniture: Earth & Iron     |    Makeup: Wendy Orellana    |     Glasses: Handworks NWA